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Our online photo / video gallery of past work


Wedding Films

More than "just making a video," we want to tell your story; that means looking for quirks, unique moments, and the small things that make you, you! We don't believe in making cookie-cutter montage wedding videos, we believe in creating heart felt wedding films that capture the essence of you, and let you relive the emotions of your day over and over again. 

Please enjoy some of our most recent films below.




ABIGAIL + AJ //05.19.18

Same Day Edit

When we did their Q&As, we were slightly shocked because they were both giving us the same answers, even though we conducted their Q&As separately.  We thought they somehow planned it... but at their reception even they were surprised!


KRISTINE + BRIAN //05.18.18

Same Day Edit

Kristine and Brian's wedding was on the Big Island, and the golden hour sunset during their first dance was lighting GOALS. This was also the first SURPRISE same day edit we've ever done! Kristine didn't know until she sat down for the video to play!


Anne + Sean //05.05.18

Same Day Edit

Anne is SO full of energy; you can tell she feels with all her heart... so the sweetest thing was when she describes Justin! It's like you can hear her heart behind every word she says.


MYLENE + JOSH //04.28.18

Same Day Edit

This couple oozed genuineness, and their vows to each other show it!


KATREINA + JUSTIN //04.07.18

This fun loving couple met as teens in church and now, years later, they said "I do" in the very church they met at.


NHUNG + SEAN //03.24.18

Nhung explained a word for "love" in Vietnamese that blew us away. It's a word typically used to describe older couples, after the early stages of love have passed.


JHENIEVE + RYAN //03.24.18

Same Day Edit

These two were SO sweet, generous and genuine! They gave us snack packs in the morning and manapua after their ceremony. It was an absolute joy to film their day!!


Love Story


MAILE + KINO //02.25.18

Same Day Edit

Their nicknames are "Joker" and "Harley" and they shared with us some deep DC truths!


KIM + FOSTER //02.10.18

The first time he asked for her number, she gave him... her work business card. 


KANOE + DANE //02.03.18

She's a hula dancer, he's a local musician. Their surprise palua had EVERYONE cheering!


JEN + BEAU //1.20.18

It all started one day at Google, when Jen came in for an interview.


NIKKI + KEONI //1.14.18

Same Day Edit

"She was there in the stands, and I couldn't concentrate... I had my eyes on her."


SHAYREEN + TRITON //12.30.17

Shay said she's wanted to get married at this church ever since she was a little girl. 


KAREN + ARNOLD //12.16.17

Same Day Edit

A cool pop-up card with some deep truth.


CAROLINE + TIN //11.16.17

Tin literally describes the moment he first saw Caroline,  her exact outfit, and even how her hair was cut! He says it was love at first sight.

SACHA + LANCE //10.28.17

They wanted a traditional Hawaiian wedding... and the rain at this beautiful estate was the sweetest touch to their day! 

JOY + JAREN //11.10.17

Same Day Edit



NAE + MATT //10.21.17

They were best friends since age 13. Through thick and thin, including college years spent miles apart, witness a love story 8 years in the making.

KATRINA + RYEN //10.07.17

He's a local boy, she's from Australia... and you can see how much he loves her! He took HER last name, and he's moving to Australia to be with her after the wedding.

KRISHA + SEAN //09.12.17

They had the ultimate DIY wedding! They made everything from her dress hanger to his cuff links, to the shades they gave their guests.

CHELSEA + VAUGHN //09.09.17

The "Hawaii" version of the notebook. This bride kept a secret journal for 10 years, and finally gave it to her husband on their wedding day!

KARA + CALEB // 09.02.17

With charisma and passion, Kara and Caleb show us what it means to fully live in each moment of their big day.


SAMANTHA + JEREMY // 08.29.17

"I'm gonna marry the shit outta that man, and I know it"

STEPHANIE + DEREK // 08.26.17

An emotional father gives his only daughter (and only child) away.

Rachelle + Brett // 07.17.17

"Beluga whale" meets "Coconut"! This military couple was the sweetest!

Rachel + Jeff // 07.08.17

Same Day Edit

These two are RADFORD high school sweethearts! He made us all "feel the feels" when he started tearing just DESCRIBING her. Talk about love!


Kristin + Adam // 07.01.17

"We're the same kind of weird."

JESSICA + HENRY // 05.06.17

The epitome of a wedding filled with elegance and class.

Liana + Kainoa // 04.29.17

Groom talks to his sister... on the toilet? Kainoa definitely brought his sense of humor to his wedding day!

mIMI + LEX // 04.08.17

Same Day Edit

"It's finally happening."

TARYN + MATTHEW // 04.01.17


CHERRY + TRAE // 3.24.17

These two are seriously the cutest... They were KINDERGARTEN SWEETHEARTS! Trae says, "I liked her ever since I knew what like was."

HEATHER + MIKE // 3.18.17

Punahou grads tie the knot.

shannon + joey // 3.11.17

Same Day Edit

"I would go onto the H-1 going West at 5pm for you."