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Our online photo / video gallery of past work


Wedding Films

More than "just making a video," we want to tell your story; that means looking for quirks, unique moments, and the small things that make you, you! We don't believe in making cookie-cutter montage wedding videos, we believe in creating heart felt wedding films that capture the essence of you, and let you relive the emotions of your day over and over again. 

Please enjoy some of our most recent films below.




KRIXA + NESTOR //09.20.19

They were friends for years and EVERYONE told them they had chemistry together but they denied it until one day, Krixa’s smile caught Nestor’s attention and as he put it, “It was like I was looking at her for the first time.”

Loulu Palm


NATALIE + MAX //09.01.19

Same Day Edit

Max is a good friend of ours and the owner of Paradise Soccer Club, so of course the crew had a BLAST filming his wedding. The two of them recently bought a house, and we got to document this milestone in their Same Day Edit as well!

Halekulani, Calvary By The Sea


JAMILA + ROYCE //08.24.19

Royce is the first groom we’ve interviewed that didn’t just leave a “message” for his bride, he also left her… a dance. Haha! We were laughing with him all day.


PUA + KYLE //08.16.19

Same Day Edit

The views from Paliku Garden are amazing, and this wedding showed it all. Wait especially for the end of the video, when Pua talks about HER DAD. When she watched that part in her same day edit, she said the tears FELL.


STACEY + DANIEL //08.03.19

When he was single, Daniel’s mom told him to write a list of qualities he wants to find in a future wife... 1 year later, in comes Stacey.


SOFIA + RYAN //07.14.19

Same Day Edit

Sofia met Ryan at a $1 drink night in a local bar, and SHE was the one that made the first move in approaching him! They got married at the beautiful Steeple House on Maui, and this formal session on the coast had all of us swooning.


ARA + CHAD //07.14.19

She was a new nurse, he was her boss. When she came in for an interview, he noticed her and tried to “look gooood”...the rest is history :)


CARLI + JAXON //06.15.19

Usually it’s our brides that dream of their wedding day, but Jaxon said as a kid he always dreamed of his big day as well!!


HILDE + DOM //06.01.19

“I get a 4k view of her walking down the stairs. Best view in the house.”


ERICA + CALEB //05.03.19

The father of the bride and the father of the groom both spoke on their wedding night. They had prayed for their kids and for this day since they were little!


NADIA + JON //05.26.19

Same Day Edit

She’s from Papakolea, he’s from Punahou, and it was one emotional, Christ-centered wedding. Get the tissues ready.


ADDY + IRENE //05.25.19

Same Day Edit

They had the ultimate triathlon-themed wedding. Addy and Irene met at Central Middle School, and are now training for the Iron Man together!


LEILA + KAMU //04.27.19

A fun-filled wedding at their Aunt’s private estate. (And that smoke… is the groomsmen vaping behind their “Aloha” sign!)


WENDY + DEVIN //03.30.19

A “3 hour gap”…that’s the amount of time Devin would wait with Wendy between classes in college. Today, they became man and wife. They both talked about how much God has transformed their relationship and taught them the meaning of true love.


GRACE + RYAN //02.17.19

Ryan, owner of Waiakea Springs Water, and his wife Grace were FULL of passion and energy. Tons of dancing, hilarious speeches, and one of the most gorgeous tent set ups we’ve ever seen at Loulu Palm.


Ashley + ikaika //02.16.19

In middle school, Ashley gave Ikaika a piece of paper saying “Will you be my boyfriend? Check Yes or No” and 11 years later… here they are :’)


MONDY + MATT //12.08.18

Our very own photographer, Matt, got married!!! After all the work he does for other couples, it was beyond special to get to see him experience all the wedding day feels. Congrats Matt & Mondy!


LAURIE + NICK //11.03.18

Have you ever seen a cute couple walk through a green field with a white horse as the rain mists?? Laurie & Nick did just that, and yep, it’s just as magical as it sounds.


MARILYN + STEPHEN //11.18.18

Same Day Edit

They did caviar shots in the morning, and a lion dance at night… all in all a beautiful day at the Royal Hawaiian!


Connie + Jonathan //10.21.18

They talked about why they broke up and why they got back together. They had some hard times, but after literally enduring the test of time, their love seems so much stronger because of it.


WHITNEY + KRIS //10.05.18

From a young age, they both had dreams of training dolphins… and when they landed their dream jobs at Sea Life Park, they met each other in the process!


VICKY + DAN //10.04.18

Dan had 11 guys in his groomsmen party, and they both talked about how much these guys mean to them. The way they cheered for them and cried with them…these are the kinds of friendship we all strive for!


GLYRA + CHRIS //09.29.18

Same Day Edit

“Fireworks” turned on during their first dance and it was absolutely gorgeous!!

(Inquire with Spectrum Hawaii for this new offer! It’s called ‘cold spark’)


Abi + Mark //09.08.18

Same Day Edit

The ultimate Same Day Edit… cause the Jabbawockeez ( aka the groomsmen) made an appearance!!


OLIVE + MICKI //08.26.18

They were already civilly married, but literally during their vows, they were grinning ear to ear with excitement. Their excitement all day was contagious!


JENNIE + TRAVIS //08.18.18

He’s “super shy”, she brought him “out of his shell.” He gets teary eyed just describing the way she smiles :’)



Boho vibes and sweet smiles. ZERO direction on our part, Carson just kept kissing Christina and making her laugh!


Catheryn + Shane //08.08.18

Same Day Edit

Dreamy, sweet, and full of gorgeous views at Sunset Ranch.


U'ilani + Zach //07.08.18

Same Day Edit

Zach, a local singer from the band Keauhou, and his bride U'i had an easygoing day full of warm music, hula, family and friends.  


Danielle + Jose //06.16.18

Passionate. Tropical. Fun. Three words to describe this Puerto Rican groom and his bubbly bride! Their film just makes you feel like dancing!


Ashley + MATT //06.14.18

If you're thinking about having a small destination wedding, this one's the perfect film to watch! Ashley and Matt's day was both peaceful and intimate, and touches like this sparkler first dance made it soo romantic!


BRITTNEY + RYAN //06.02.18

Brittney LEGIT saved Ryan's life. The love and emotion as they retell this story is almost palpable. We are SO grateful to get to preserve stories like these.


Kylie + Jacob //06.02.18

This grassy field, at sunset, on Maui, was absolutely GORGEOUS. Jacob is a rancher and had connections to the property, and we just felt so grateful to be there with them!


This. Is. Amazing. We are so happy with the videos and we are thankful for Red Ring’s work. Absolutely the best! Thank you so much!
— Red Ring Bride, Krixa