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A Circle of Life

Matthew Kent

Every wedding is special to us. The settings are generally similar from one wedding to the next, but the people always bring their own story, new voices, and fun characters with each wedding. Kanoi and Dane's wedding however was a little extra special, not just because it was a local wedding full of Hawaii'ana, tons of man tears ;), a "Pupu Crew" made of of "Da Uncles" (lmao), or a surprise hula for the guests... it was special on a personal note because Dane is the younger brother of one of my best friends from high school.

I would have never guessed in a million years that I'd have the honor of capturing a special occasion like this for the family member of someone close to me (it wasn't planned)... I would have also never guessed, remembering Dane as a little kid, that he would grow up to be such an awesome guy surrounded by such awesome people and a beautiful bride. Their wedding was fantastic. 

Thank you guys for choosing us to capture your big day! It was definitely one that will be extra memorable for us! Cheers!!