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A Campaign of Aloha - Pukalani Community Center

Matthew Kent

As soon as we arrived at the airport and got into Napua's car it was like we were family. It helped that Glenn had known Napua for years, but even without him I sensed Napua's Maui aloha would have still made her just as welcoming. Previous to this trip I'd only briefly met her one time before while she was visiting Honolulu.

Watching and listening to Napua through her campaign fundraiser, it dawned on me, Napua is both as a daughter and mother of Maui, a student and a kumu. She loves Maui like she would a child, and the love of her community was awe inspiring... I can see why so much aloha surrounds her. It was an honor being able to help out with her campaign, and seeing a community I used to live in working together to support one of their own. I kind of wish I could move back to Maui just so I could vote for her!

Also, please enjoy the video we (Glenn) put together for Napua's fundraiser :)